Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Great Search!

     I was beginning to think our family was just really hard on can openers! Either that or we simply couldn't operate one correctly! We've tried several over the last few years trying to find one that will hold up without leaving shreds of metal around the top of the can or that doesn't mess up the can do bad you can't even come close to getting it open!
     Finally I did some homework! I planned on getting a quality can open that will open all size cans and last at least a year...longer if it cost was on the high side.
     So, I found's called a Swing-a-Way and it's made by Amco. It looks a lot like one we had years ago but lost. Now the only problem was finding one locally because we needed one last week! After a little more searching I found a local dealer and purchase TWO! After just a few day I know this was a good purchase and I'm sharing the info with my friends. Ok...I'm sharing the info with anyone who stands still for more than 2 minutes! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fox Run Craftsmen Swing-A-Way Can Opener