Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Nice Surprise

Today we had a repair man come to the house to repair a recliner we purchased two years ago. We rarely have repairmen in the house since my hubby is very handy at fixing pretty much anything but since this piece of furniture has a lifetime warranty on the mechanism and that was the problem...Tom was here to put in the new parts.

    As you can imagine, our younger two were totally entertained by watching Tom install the parts. I'm almost sure I saw one of his ears fall off from their talking so much, telling him stories, asking him know, all the normal things we hear ALL day, EVERY day.

    It wasn't surprising that Tom was patient, after all he is a grandpa and has a granddaughter about the same age as the Princess. What was surprising is that as soon as he discovered that we home school our children, he went on and on about how great it is for children. This comes as quite a surprise because most people are not real encouraging. Tom, however, was very informed on what home schooling is and how it works! He talked about how well children who are home schooled do on tests, how most of them turn out as great citizens and just, in general, bragging on them.

    So...Tom, thanks for your encouraging words. You probably won't know how much you lifted my weary heart. Home schooling is hard and it's nice to have a cheering section.

Blessings to you,

Mavis D.