Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prayer Knitting?

For you knitters out there...have you ever noticed how very relaxing it is? I am sure you have. It is very therapeutic...especially the simple projects that do not require a lot of counting or increasing and decreasing. It is so relaxing that sometimes I will even fall asleep with needles in my hands and I know one thing for sure, it is a lot cheaper than therapy!

I can sit for a few minutes or a few hours and I seem to be nice and calm. When things are a little crazy around the house, which often happens with this many boys, I go and sit for a few minutes and work a few stitches or a couple of rows and before long it seems all is right with the world and we can get back to work on whatever it was we were doing.

I think about lots of different things while knitting, solutions to problems, work out homeschool issues, think and concentrate on things. I am sure we could solve the world's problems if we all just took up knitting!

Another thing I do is pray. While I was knitting the scarves my boys requested, my mind would drift to future scenes of seeing the scarf on them, keeping them warm, even keeping them warm when I am not there to do it...maybe a little hug from mom while they are outside playing. I also found myself praying for them while I was knitting. With each stitch or row, a small utterance of good will, blessings, and thoughts for their protection and success in life went into each scarf.

Have I stumbled onto something? I think I have and it is wonderful! I call it "prayer knitting," so you know what I had to do next. Yep...I had to "Google" it to see what came up.

There are women and probably some men who knit different things all while praying for the future owner. Prayer shawls that will comfort someone during a loss, hats for chemo patients or premature babies, blankets for children who have lost someone close to them...all knitted with prayers and blessings intertwined in each stitch.

I would have never guessed that this new "hobby" would end up bringing spiritual blessings to me but I am glad it has...funny how things work out like that isn't it?

If you knit and would like to find a ministry to work with, check out these sites. There are many patterns available online and with each organization.

Prayer Shawl Ministry - shawls to comfort those who have experienced a loss

Head Huggers - Chemo caps

Head Huggers "No Hair Day" pattern - (I love this one!)

The Preemie Project - booties, bonnets, and blankets for premature babies

Project Linus - Providing security through blankets

Mother Bear Project - Make a bear. Make a difference.

Warm Up America Foundation

Snuggles Project - blankets for animals in shelters

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. I would love to learn how to knit. It does seem really relaxing! Maybe one day!