Thursday, April 9, 2009

Enchilada Casserole

This recipe has evolved over the last couple of years. It really didn't start out as a recipe. I had some leftover taco meat and re-fried beans after having taco salads and burritos one night.

Our family loves enchiladas but making each individual one and laying them in a pan was time consuming. So....what happens. I decide on trying something new. :) How about a casserole?!

I now make this up, usually several dishes at a time and freeze them. It's a perfect "freezer meal" and I've used them to give to families when we were providing a meal. Most of the time they ask for the recipe! So, here it is!

Enchilada Casserole

Corn tortillas - these are found in the bread isle, not the chip isle
taco meat - leftovers work great
Re-fried beans - canned works great....just water it down a bit to make it spreadable
grated cheddar cheese - or your favorite "Mexican" blend
Picante sauce

Spray your baking dish with cooking spray so nothing sticks. Pour enough Picante sauce in the bottom to cover the bottom of the dish. Place tortillas in one layer to cover the bottom. Spread refried beans on top....then taco meat and finally a layer of cheese. Do this over and over until you have filled your pan or used all your leftovers!

Bake at 350 degrees until everything is hot and bubbly. Serve with spanish rice and/or corn.

Sometimes I'll make up some rice to add to the layers. It really all depends on what you like with your "mexican" foods and how much "leftovers" you had to work with.

I haven't given quanitities with this recipe because I always make it with the leftovers from taco salad and/or burritos. Now, I always make sure I have too much so I can make this because our family likes it so much!

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