Monday, March 24, 2008

Financial Peace

In August of 2007, we were facing some pretty tough decisions concerning our finances. was bad enough that we were considering bankruptcy. We even had an appointment with an attorney. After the meeting, my husband and I talked for quite some time and decided against it. We would take another route and dig ourselves out of the mess we had made with a little help from a guru.

Dave Ramsey entered our lives....he seemed to be popping up everywhere anyway so we figured we'd take the classes. WOW! It has been an amazing ride! We learned so much during those 13 weeks and now it's been 7 months since our first class. We've built an emergency fund, paid off a few of our debts (working on the rest), started saving for those things that only come once a year like taxes and insurance and the future is looking bright. We're so excited about this new way of life that we've become coordinators for Financial Peace University. Oh, we don't get paid for it in money....our payment comes in knowing that we're helping others escape to freedom.

If you haven't checked out Dave's program then go to and read all about it. Check out one of his books from the library and find a class nearby. It will be the best money you've spent in a long time and I'll keep you posted on OUR progress.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on beginning your journey with Dave Ramsey! We're huge Dave fans. Haven't attended the classes but listen to his radio show and have read his book. I'm blessed to be married to a good money manager and we've been debt free for years, even with job loss and a huge drop in income long before we ever heard of Dave Ramsey.

I'm anxious to read more as you get your blog rolling. Have fun with it!