Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Picky Eaters Allowed!

I have some weird sons. I know, that sounds strange coming from an adoring mom but they are a little different and I am thankful for it.

So what makes our boys strange? Well, I'll tell you. Come closer...ssshhhh...they like broccoli. Yeah, they actually LIKE broccoli! In fact, they like almost all veggies...sure, some more than others but I'm dumbfounded by the number of kids these days who don't like broccoli, green beans, and many other vegetables we consider normal wonderful foods!

Perhaps I was too mean to them when they were just little guys. So what did we do that made them so strange? When we had veggies, or anything for that matter, we had a rule: They had to try something 20 times before they could absolutely, without-a-doubt say they didn't like it. :) Yeah, you guessed it...they never kept count of the times they had tried it! After awhile, they learned to like what they had been turning their noses up at. Sure, most of those things still aren't their favorites but they do eat them without a fight and do enjoy most of it.

There's an 8 year age difference between our #3 child and our #4 child (long story) so we're starting over with the rule. He's just 5 but he's slowly learning that we don't really tolerate "picky eaters" much in our home so he has to try it many times. The thing he doesn't like...pinto beans, but he's getting better, he likes them with ketchup now.

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