Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Bunches, Please

Psst...Come closer. Do you remember the cereal that has been coming up lately all over the internet because of the great coupons? The "Just Bunches" from the makers of Honey Bunches of Oats? I purchased two of those boxes (with coupons, of course). The first box was devoured so fast I didn't get a chance to look at it closely but I was able to snag the second box and take a closer look. It is exactly what the name's just the "bunches" from the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, which of course is everyone's favorite part of that cereal....right?

So I took an even closer look and found that the "bunches" which are made up of a secret fact, they are none other than... (drum roll, please)...granola! That is right folks, those sweet little flavorful bites of honey, nuts, and oats, otherwise known as granola. Therefore, at $2.68 a box I think we can think of something else that will save money, make our families happy and is probably a healthier choice since we'll be avoiding the preservatives. Make up a batch of this granola...break it into pieces and serve with cold milk. You can even mix it with a box of cheap corn flakes to make it stretch farther but try to find some that doesn't have high fructose corn-syrup.

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