Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They're Keeping Me Busy!

Wow...I have been busy! July is canning season here in Arkansas and although I do not can (preserve) a lot of things, one thing that my pantry is well stocked with is home canned tomatoes. Usually I put them in the jar whole but this year I wanted to chop them up and see if I can fit more tomatoes in the jar without so much liquid. I think it is working out nicely, don't you?

I use home canned tomatoes in a variety of items throughout the year. To name a few: chili, Italian Vegetable soup, spaghetti, stews, and several other things.

This year I also chose to make salsa! We just adore having "chips and salsa" all through the year so I want to have several jars canned before the tomatoes run out.

Also keeping me busy...we put up several ears of corn. We purchased them from a local grower and my son and I had lots of fun husking them. We usually just blanch them and put them in large zipper freezer bags. This lets me get out what I need when I need them. The fun part of that is watching my 13 year old "vacuum pack" them. He uses a straw inserted in the side of the bag...closes the bag across until he gets to the straw. Then he sucks the air out, gently pulls the straw out and seals the bag. So far, he's the best one at this....he can get the bag "vacuumed" down really tight and get the straw out before air gets back in! LOL! Hey, if nothing else...he can get a job vacuum sealing stuff...right?

Have a great day!

Mavis D.

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The Wifey's Journal said...

wow! looks so yummy! i love salsa!