Saturday, April 5, 2008

Curtain Climbers

Due to some issues with my back, I must sit in a chair when I wash dishes. Usually our older boys are home to help with the little boys but today they were gone to "Bible Bowl" and I was on my own.

I was sitting in the chair washing dishes when my 3 year old came in to the kitchen. He decided it would be a great idea to get up in the chair behind me. There wasn't much room for him to sit so he proceeded to climb on my back. It was fun although he was choking me a bit.

Before it was over, he had climbed up and was sitting on my shoulders. Have you ever tried washing dishes while a toddler sat on your's not easy! :) I decided to take a break and play with him awhile...the dishes can wait.

So today, I learned to be thankful for two things...the little boys who want to have fun and the big boys who are a great help to me! I must remember to never let both of them go at the same time!

Have a great day!

Mavis D.

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