Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emergency Camping

Last night we had some severe weather in our area. There were knocked down power lines, poles, trees, and broke windows and windshields across the area. It was quite exciting sitting with our candles and oil lamps while listening to a radio that is powered by winding it up. It’s a pretty neat little gadget that my hubby bought “just in case” we needed it. Well, I’m glad he did or we wouldn’t be able to listen when we should take cover.

Severe weather is nothing to take lightly around here but we usually enjoy the evening and trust our Father to take care of us. We said a prayer for our friends, family and everyone property.

We sat for several hours at the dining room table, the boys played cards by candlelight while I worked on some writing projects on the laptop. They were just as excited when the power came back as they were when it went off!

I keep thinking that during the “severe weather” when the power goes off we end up having a family evening with all of us gathered around the table spending time together. It’s kind of funny isn’t it….the fact that a power outage brings our family closer together. Perhaps we should plan a “power outage” once a week to get in that extra family time.

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