Saturday, April 12, 2008

Entering the Couponing World

This week I started my coupon shopping adventure. I wanted to try Walgreens first so I went armed with my coupons, sales flyer and EasySaver rebate book. I know it took me a lot of time getting organized but I'm hoping that will take less time as I learn what I'm doing.

Here's my loot from Walgreens.

Colgate toothbrush 3.99
Aquafresh toothpaste 2.00
Gillette Mach3 Razors 6.00
Gillette Venus Razors 6.00
Airwick mini 9.99
Airwick mini 9.99 - BOGO
Kleenex 0.99
Kleenex 0.99
Kleenex 0.99

Total before coupons and tax = 40.94
Total OOP after coupons, BOGO and with tax = 21.89
Expected rebates = 10.48
RR = $3.00
Total Cost = 8.41
Total Savings = 32.53

There were several items I could have gotten for very little but I simply don't use that product so I didn't bother getting them.

I also tried to find the Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Cluster cereal but apparently none of the stores in our area carry it.

I also had taken some coupons to Walmart and Kmart and the savings we ok but not great.

Have a great day!
Mavis D.

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Unknown said...


Something I learned from the Supermarket 101 course is to consider buying some of those other very inexpensive products from Walgreen's anyway, even if you can't use them, as they often sell well at yard sales or on ebay. An example would be haircolor products. People can save a lot of money buying them from you than they can buying them at a store. Something to consider!