Friday, April 25, 2008

When our first son was born, we were very careful with most parents. We didn't want him to get dirty and cleaned him as soon as their was a speck of anything on him. My dad was really into fixing cars and often covered with car grease. No way was he holding the baby like that! There were so many things the first wasn't able to do or play.

Well time changes, right? By the time our 5th son was born we were almost tossing him under the car with grandpa! Grandpa had got used to our complaining about touching the baby with greasy hands with the first one that he was a little shocked with the later additions to our family. We always were allowing them a little more freedom...I guess it happens to all of us. I'm not sure if it's laziness or just lack of energy to chase them as much...we're not going to mention age, right?

Oh...another difference, when the first child fell...we rushed to help him up and soothe his crying. When the last child falls...we laugh, check for blood and tell him to get up and try it again.
Interesting, isn't it? It's not a lack of love or concern for the last one but rather we know more. Kids need to get dirty sometimes, they need to have a little freedom within the confines of safety and they need to know that although they fall...they must get up and try again.

This phenomenon usually appears when a couple has 3+ children. For some reason, it doesn't happen in families with only two children. Hhmmm, maybe we are just tired!

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