Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homestead Maintenance

Wow... I am tired! Today the boys and I worked outside most of the day. We weren't working on any great project but we did get a lot of little things done.

First, we fixed a couple of rabbit fences. They are little circles of wire that we sit on the ground and put the rabbits in during the day. This allows them to forage fresh grass and feel the ground. I think they'll be much healthier rabbits for it.

We got a car ready to junk. It's been a yard ornament for about two years because it was purchased for a "parts car." Well, we've taken most of the good parts off and I'm tired of mowing around it! The junk man will be here later this week and we received a little money for it too!

We also fixed a water line in our well house...courtesy of our 16-year-old son. He did a great job. We set the water hose thingy my dad made for me so we'll have a place to hang the hose instead of it laying all around the yard.

We don't have raised beds build yet but we planted a few pepper plants in containers. We plan to put a few more things in containers this year and hopefully we'll have beds built by the fall so we can put in some fall tomatoes or something.

We're also hoping to get our clothesline poles set sometime this week and build a chicken tractor.

What is a "chicken tractor?" It's a mobile chicken coop and pen. You can move it to a new area when needed so the chickens can forage for fresh grass and bugs. We're already all lined up to get some hens that are already laying so we'll have fresh eggs.

We're so excited about finally getting around to setting up a "homestead" or "mini farm." Eventually, we'll have honey bees and goats! :)

Stay tuned to follow the adventure!

Have a great day!

Mavis D.


Heather said...

I'm enjoying your blog! We also have a small homestead. We have chickens, turkeys & horses now but hope to raise goats and maybe have a dairy cow someday. We garden and grow lots of berries and apples. We use tractors for our chickens & turkeys. I love the book Chicken Tractor. Good Luck!

Mavis D. said...

Our favorite magazine is Countryside. Have you seen it? We're building a chicken tractor similar to the one that was featured there.