Sunday, May 25, 2008

Book Review - The Dangerous Book for Boys

In "The Dangerous Book for Boys," Hal and Con Iggulden have compiled a wonderful resource for boys. From "how to" lessons and instructions to history of great battles, men of character and even a little advice on "girls" and grammar...they have compiled the ultimate guide for boys.

I have recently purchased this book for one of my sons. When I showed it to his older brother (now 18) he commented that it was very similar to a book he often borrowed from the library. I remember that book; he would read it constantly and always wished he would not have to return it. Unfortunately, it was out of print and I could not find one.

I highly recommend the book although there is a section on role-playing games and it uses the example of Dungeons and Dragons. These games are not for everyone but there is too much great stuff in the book to toss it for that.

Check it out and you will probably end up purchasing one for your adventuresome young man!

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