Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friends of All Ages

My 5-year-old son has a new friend. She is a wonderful grandmotherly lady in our fact, there are several but this one stands out among the others. She is so sweet to him often giving him gifts and he lavishes on the unconditional love of a child. It is sweet to watch.

Sometimes I wonder if he pays special attention to her because of the gifts but I know he gave her hugs and kisses before the gifts started. I always remind him to be nice and say "thank you."

Today she came bearing gifts again. Three large Hershey's chocolate for the 5-year-old, one for his little brother and one for his mom (how did she know I love chocolate?).

Her daughter tells us that her mom talks about our boy all week and that she simply cannot miss a Sunday at church services because she cannot miss him. I think we will surprise her next Sunday and bring her a bouquet of flowers. :)

We love you, Ms Nancy!

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