Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Deals at Walgreens

Well, I check all my favorite websites and checked my coupons and the savings this week at Walgreen's was outrageous! Although I didn't get everything on my list I did get quite a bit. Here it is (I'll add a picture tomorrow).

Gillette Venus Embrace razors $9.99 - produces $6 in Register Rewards used with $4 of 1 coupon from today's paper = FREE

Zantac 150 8ct. $3.99 - produces $3 in Register Rewards used with $1 coupon from here = profit of $0.01

Dawn Dish liquid $0.79 with in-ad coupon used with $0.25 coupon from 4/6 coupons = $0.54

EARinse Ear cleaning spray 1oz - $9.99 - Easy Saver mail in rebate (9.99) = FREE

Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush - 4.99 - Easy Saver mail in rebate (4.99) = FREE

Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment .07 oz - 8.99 - Easy Saver mail in rebate (8.99) = FREE

There was also a cool thing going with Proctor and Gamble items. You earn register rewards (coupons that work like cash at Walgreen's) for certain number of items purchased.

Buy 3, get $4
Buy 4, get $6
Buy 5, get $10
Buy 9, get $20

So this is what I did. I bought the following items using coupons I had plus Walgreen's coupons where applicable.

Cascade action packs $2.50 - $0.50 coupon from 4/6 PG coupon sheet
Charmin Freshmates 2 @ 1.99 (using Walgreen's coupon) + $0.25 coupon from 4/6 PG
Crest Toothpaste 2/$5 - I bought 3
Cascade 45oz Gel 2.50 - coupon
Febreze Noticeable 2 @ 6.99 - Buy one, get one coupon (6.99)

Here are my totals not counting taxes.

Total products - $72.09

Manufacturer coupons - 16.64
Register Rewards - 29.00
Rebates expected - 23.97

Total I'll end up spending for $72.09 worth of stuff = $2.48

Moreover, I'm probably not done for the week. Check back on Saturday to see the rest.

Have a great bargain-hunting week!

Mavis D.

Note: Covergirl products are included in the Register Rewards earnings. There are more coupons for Covergirl in Kmart's "Beauty's In Bloom" savings booklet (look for it at their customer service counter). Many of these coupons can be used anywhere...not just at Kmart so they could be used in combination with the sale at Walgreen's.


Ahorros y cupones en EspaƱol said...

You should try with Crest also, combining the Easysaver catalog you spend only $9 oop (max) and youll get the $20 RR!!!

Mavis D. said...

Thanks for the tip. My local Walgreen's was out of the Crest toothpaste except for the 3 I did get. :)