Monday, May 12, 2008

Extension Homemaker's Clubs

We live in a very rural area and due to the gas prices; I wanted to find things to be involved in that are closer to home. I have recently learned there is a 4-H group that meets near our home. In fact, we have a little community building out here that does tons of stuff throughout the year!

Tonight I attended a meeting of the TLC Club. The TLC Club is an "Extension Homemaker's club." Ask your grandma about them...she can tell you. They lend support to homemakers by having educational programs and activities throughout the year. They allow the ladies to get to know their neighbors better and help build strong communities.

Well, tonight we had a speaker talk about E-Coli and other harmful bacteria, where it came from, how it spreads and most importantly, how to protect our families. It was very interesting.

A short meeting and then refreshments followed the speaker. It was very nice and I had a good time getting to know all of these women and hear of their hair-raising tales of trying to catch mice. Some of the stories were really quite funny!

Yes, I was the youngest person there but I look forward to learning from these ladies in the future. I hear they get together on Wednesday mornings to quilt too!

Have a great day!

Mavis D.

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