Monday, May 5, 2008

Too Fast!

Today I spent part of my day going to get a new table...well, new to us anyway, I won't buy NEW furniture...not with boys around. Anyway, I took son #2 with me, we'll call him Too-Tall. He did the navigating with the GPS and we could take advantage of his muscles.

Too-Tall is really good with the GPS program. It works from my laptop and he makes sure I turn where I should and that I don't get lost. It's really great and I'm glad he's learning it so quickly. It's especially helpful when I see a sign and want to make a detour, he and the computer re-map my route to accommodate me.

When we arrived we went inside to see the table and chairs and after deciding that "yes, I did want it" he and the husband of the house started taking it apart and loading it.

It's great having teen boys, the stuff they can carry and the help they can be. Yeah, sure there's hormones to deal with sometimes, which makes them a little cranky but for the most part it's pretty fun having them around.

His favorite cologne is Axe (Phoenix) and he was wearing it today. When we got home, I gave him a hug and thanked him for helping. It was an interesting smell...I like Axe but his cologne today had what I (lovingly) call "boy funk" mixed it. Wow, that was interesting!

Do you know what the problem is when they are teens? Knowing that soon they'll be leaving home. He's only 16 now but I'm trying to cherish every minute. He has an older brother and although he still lives at home, we don't see him as much. It's kind of hard to take...they simply grow up Too Fast.

Mavis D.

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